You Won’t Believe Why they Shut Down this 10 Year Old Girl’s Lemonade Stand

Loco Lemonade Girl Lemonade Stand Fountain Valley, CA Orange County

You Won’t Believe Why they Shut Down this 10 Year Old Girl’s Lemonade Stand


This 10 Year Old Girl’s Lemonade Stand Forbidden by Health Department

I recently came across a news story about a 10 year old girl, Anabelle Lockwood  who sells lemonade from a cart built with the help of her father. They sell delicious gourmet lemonade flavors like, wildberry, peach, mango, and watermelon. It turns out, in her city of Fountain Valley, CA, the Orange County Health Department isn’t amused and want’s to put her out of business until the proper documentation is filed. According to the Health Department, the lemonade stand requires a proper permit and license as well as insurance and the she is required to make the lemonade in an approved space.

Now a part of me thinks it is absurd that kids cannot even set up a lemonade stand without having to acquire proper licensing and permits. Especially when the cost is outrageous, upwards of $2,500. However, that aside I think this is a wonderful story. VIDEO BELOW:



I love the idea of kids discovering the entrepreneurial spirit and having to problem solve and I also love it when they are rewarded on multiple levels, in this case business is thriving and I’m sure she is making a decent profit but she is also having fun doing something she loves. As a matter of fact, I remember when I was about the same age there was a simple computer game where you had a lemonade stand and had to make it profitable.

You had to buy supplies, add the right amount of sugar and lemon to make it taste good, you had to make sure you had enough ice, and you had to price a cup of lemonade properly so people would buy it. I still think about this game often, as I find marketing and SEO for other people’s business just as much fun! It is about trial and error and figuring out what needs to be done to succeed. The lemonade stand game to me is a metaphor for success in life on every level.

I also thought this is a really amazing example of how to support children in their interests and how taking action and actively being a part of what they are interested in is so beneficial to them.

So What Did I do? I bought Loco Lemon Facebook Ads

When I came across The Loco Lemon lemonade stand story, I was curious and looked into it further. It turns out someone created a GoFundMe page so you can donate to support Annabelle’s lemonade business.


Click the Button Below to Support The Loco Lemon on GoFundMe



Click Here to Donate to the Loco Lemon GoFundMe Campaign


Donate to 10 Year Old Annabelle Lockwood Lemonade Stand to get License and Permit

Upon finding the donation page, I was ecstatic that I could help out such a good cause and then I thought, well rather than just giving some money to the lemonade stand donations page why don’t I just buy facebook ads for The Loco Lemon instead. Then instead of The Loco Lemon having a single donation I could help the story of the Orange County gourmet lemonade stand reach thousands of people that otherwise hadn’t seen it. So that’s what I did. And I not only hope the ad helps to generate more money for the young entrepreneur, I also hope the story moves people in the sense of understanding how much of a difference we can make in a young person’s life if we take the time to be a part of it.


Best of Luck Anabelle, The Loco Lemon, and family!
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